What We Do

At Arra Web Design we’re passionate about creating smart, responsive and engaging websites while providing the best in customer service and excellent value for our clients. An effective website will prove an invaluable asset to your business whether through eCommerce sales or a showcase website highlighting your products or services. Whatever type of site you require our priority is to give your business an online presence guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. We focus our web development on the following key areas:

Smart, Responsive Websites

These days the web is everywhere, smart phones, tablets, touch screens, netbooks, laptops, smart TV’s, wearable technology such as watches, wristbands and glasses and of course where it all started, the good old fashioned PC. These days the options for people to connect to the web is endless so smart devices require smart web design. We create Responsive sites that look great and function great on anything from an iPhone to a 50” Smart TV and everything else in between.


We create user friendly, eCommerce websites to allow your business to take advantage of the ever increasing online market place making doing business online a pleasurable experience for your customers and a profitable experience for your business. From simple shopping basket solutions to vast product catalogues and customisable products we can create the perfect online shopping experience for your customers with affordable solutions that makes selling online easy and profitable.

Content Management

All our websites are built with an easy to use Content Management system that can be customised to your exact requirements allowing you to update your site and blog as much or as little as you like with no technical expertise required.

Social Media Integration

We can integrate any Social Media platform seamlessly with your websites so that you can grow your likes and followers by having your Social Media accounts interact directly with your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All our sites are built on an integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) platform to ensure your site can get the highest possible search ranking with Google and other search engines. Our sites also include Google Analytics integration so you can track a vast range of data relating to your site including the number of visits to your site, where those visitors are coming from and how they are using search engines to find your business.


We design Secure websites, built to withstand hacking and spamming attempts as online security becomes an increasing concern for all businesses.

Upgrading / Maintenance

Remember a website is not just for Christmas! Sometimes it’s better to have no website at all rather than a poorly designed or outdated website which can turn potential customers away from your business. We can provide tailor made packages to Upgrade or Maintain your site on an ongoing basis.