A Website’s not just for Christmas!

Remember the old saying, “a dog’s not just for Christmas”? Well it also applies to websites! If your business has an existing website then you should ask yourself the following questions to see just how effective (or ineffective) it is for your business.

Are you making the right first impression online?

First impressions last and for a huge number of people the first impression they get of your business will come from visiting your website. If they don’t like what they see then you have almost certainly lost a potential customer. Have a look at your current site. Are you proud of it? Does it look professional? Does everything work as it should? Is it up to date and relevant? If the answer to any of those questions is no then it’s highly unlikely that your website will get you new customers. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade?

Does your website look and function properly on smart phones and tablets?

The internet reached an interesting tipping point last year as for the first time more than half of all web searches came via a mobile phone or tablet as opposed to on a “traditional” PC or laptop device.

This means that having a responsive website (i.e. a website that responds to the device it is being viewed on) is now essential. Have a look at your website on a smartphone. How does it look on the smaller screen size? Can you navigate the site easily and get all the information a potential customer might want or will they simply give up and move to a competitor that has a responsive website?

How easy is it to find your website on Google?


Have a search for your business on Google without using your business name directly. To do this put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. What do you think they might search for if they were looking for the products or services you provide. Now take a look at the results. Is your business listed prominently?

If not it’s time to look at having some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) analysis on your site to see how you can improve your visibility on search listings because if people aren’t finding you online then your business is losing out.

Can you update your website easily?

Often the answer to this is “no” but even when it’s “yes” it’s often follow by “with great difficulty!”. These days any new website worth it’s salt should be built on an easy to use content management system. These can be customised to your exact requirements so that you can update your own site as much or as little as you like with the minimum of technical expertise required. In fact if you are computer literate enough to send an email then you should have no problems updating your own website via a content management system.

Can you sell your products online?

So you have a website but you can’t sell your products online. You are missing out on a potentially huge market. There really is no excuse for any business not to take advantage of the potential that selling online offers.

Is your website integrated with your social media accounts?

There’s no point having a website and social media accounts if they are not all working in harmony. Your website should be a focal point for all your social media activities and integrate seamlessly with your social media platforms to keep your customers engaged.

Is your website secure and do you have a backup?


Many websites can be targeted by hackers and spammers. Sometimes an attack is blatantly obvious, for example changing the existing homepage completely. In most cases however websites are hacked to add embedded spam code to the site advertising the same kind of things that you normally see in junk emails. Depending on the type of attack this info may not be visible to the end user on the site itself but it can have a hugely negative effect on search engine rankings with the spam code ensuring that your business is now associated with less than desirable products and services. More than anything else this can cause huge damage to your online reputation and can be embarrassing to have to explain to customers.

Also if your website was hacked do you have a backup of the original so that it can be restored quickly? We regularly comes across business that have absolutely no back up so they have to start from scratch again with the website potentially losing any content that was stored on the site. Having a regular, automated backup system in place is simply a no brainer for any website and can be done with the minimum of fuss.

Can you track who is visiting your website?

Tracking statistics on who, why, where and how people search for your website is vital to understanding your current and potential customer base. Tools such as Google Analytics can give you detailed information about what people like and don’t like about your website and business. These tools can be easily integrated into your website’s control panel so that you have instant access to the latest statistics.

Time for a new website? Talk to us today about a new website to help grow your business.